OSS Modernisation

Catalog-driven Fulfillment in the cloud, with the cloud, for the cloud.

OSS Modernisation is a solution for future-state service and infrastructure transformation. It focuses on perfecting operational excellence, accelerating product time-to-market and guaranteeing service accuracy from the cloud with virtualised platforms, for the cloud and cloud-based services; and with the cloud - leveraging cloud-centric front and back office partners. It strengthens seamless end-to-end service order capture and delivery and paves the way for the introduction virtual networks and services.

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Product Suites

Agile Service Monetization
Customer Engagement Automation
Digital Service Lifecycle Management
FWD – Digital sales channel
Intelligent Data Fabric
IoTED™ – Fast Lane to IoT business
OSS Modernisation
Data Refinery™
Enterprise Data Processing
Covergent Mediation
Roaming Management
Real-Time Decisioning
Smart Monitoring
Advanced Analytics
FlowOne Fullfilment™
Provisioning & Activation
Number Management
Subscriber Profile Repository
Order Management
FlowOne V™
Policy Control
Online Charging
Convergent Rating
Are you well?
FWD application

The benefits

40% less time for provisioning

FlowOne Fulfillment at Chorus for wholesale services

Reduced Fallout Rate from 20% to less than 1%

FlowOne Fulfillment at Chorus for wholesale services

Reduced training needs for personnel

FlowOne Fulfillment at Chorus for wholesale services

Telco Case Study - POST Luxembourg

Standing still was not an option

How to achieve OSS Modernisation?
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