Full Internet. In Small Chunks

Showcasing a preview of FWD for Apple Watch

Simple. Immediate. Contextual.

Mobile data is still packaged, marketed and sold in old-fashioned, hard-to-understand and inflexible ways. We believe in simplicity for the user. Give her a clear understanding of what she buys in terms of time, cost and what the connection includes. We empower users to do just that – without opening a separate app or website. We also offer the best prices. We connect her in a few seconds and give her the freedom to immediately surf the web and use the apps without limits, hassle or bill shocks. Through a single app.

“This is the way mobile data should have been sold from the beginning”

Operator CMO

"This is almost too good to be true”

VP Marketing, Operator, Americas

Key benefits

Great user experience


Simple time packets. Buy minutes, hours, days. You decide.


Confirm the purchase and get connected instantly: within a few seconds. Know immediately your connection status.


Connect when and where you want. Without opening app. The best offer and the price for just that moment.

Key features

  • Supported devices: Android smartphones, tablets, iPhone
  • Sell & market data, top-up made easy
  • Share & benefit
  • Products created in minutes
  • Dynamic pricing, A/B testing
  • Campaign management, expose campaigns to social media
  • Segments, targeted pricing, targeted campaigns
  • Real time KPIs, Advanced Analytics, marketing analytics attribution
  • Consumer care tool
  • White label (fully operator branded)
  • Cloud based SaaS with regional hosting (commercially available from Azure)
  • Operator infrastructure agnostic (integrated to several operators and several vendors)
  • Appvisory performance consulting
  • Always-on feature update cycle

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