Fast track to automated claim decisions

A-Claim™ is a solution that automates the process of insurance claim decisions. It evaluates all claims using business rules, anomaly detection and fraud prediction and identifies which claims can be automatically approved and which ones require further investigation.

Comptel's A-Claim
  • Automated claim decisions

  • Machine learning for accurate fraud detection

  • Enabling real-time claim compensation

With A-Claim™, you can offer automated decisions for your customers in approximately 60% of the cases, enjoy up to 150% higher fraud detection accuracy compared to mere rule based solutions and free up resources for more productive work by automating manual and routine tasks.

"Our claims processing is now more efficient and we now concentrate on processing manually more complicated claims."

A-Claim insurance customer, the Nordics

"55% of customers feel the claims process should be more automated”


"78% of customers would be willing to share personal information with their insurer in return for benefits such as lower premiums or quicker claims settlement."


The problem: Half-digital, 10% there

If your claim processing is half-digital, you only get 10% of the possible benefits. The model where filling in the insurance claim is digital but the decision-making manual is labour-intensive and bureaucratic. This results in a slow and expensive claims experience with delayed decision-making on compensating customers.



The driver for change: Instant gratification

Today’s consumers are all-digital and mobile first. Digitally-savvy insurees want an easy, fast and frictionless claim process, where the submission of the insurance claim leads to instant gratification.

The solution: The shortest path from claim to decision

As an insurer, it is time to embark on a journey to become a digital service provider. Together with us, you can turn claim handling into an agile, automated, real-time workflow with the shortest path from a claim to a decision. Read more about the benefits of A-Claim™ below.

Key benefits

Key features

  • Automated claim decisions
  • Adjustable score threshold for manual handling
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Regression models for identifying fraud
  • Adjustable fraud tolerance levels
  • Anomaly detection
  • Predictive analytics
  • Cloud and on-premise delivery

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