FlowOne Fulfillment™

Unified order and service delivery flows

FlowOne Fulfillment™ is a software suite for modern, digital & multichannel IT service orchestration. It removes fulfillment silos from the OSS and builds a unified, highly scalable solution for any business vertical such as B2B, B2C and wholesale. It provides an accurate information of the network and services, is vendor-agnostic and adaptable to any environment.

Corporate IP service delivery from 43 days to 14 days

FlowOne Fulfillment at Elisa for fixed services

"Comptel provided the best product fit for our needs and
 to work with us toward the tight project timelines.”

Marco van Maris
Head of IT for POST Group

“We aim to significantly reduce operational expenditure and offer our customers improved experience with better quality and faster time-to-market for new services.”

Terje Foyn Johannessen
Director of Telephony & Internet for Telenor Norway
  • MANAGE the service composition and delivery rules

  • AUTOMATE the service delivery process

  • REDUCE friction at any phase of the service delivery

With FlowOne Fulfillment™, you provide digital omni-channel experience for your customers, enjoy fast and automated service delivery, reduce the risk of vendor lock-ins and configure new services with reusable service components.

Key benefits

40% reductions in call center, sales and operational costs


“FlowOne Fulfillment has an important role in our transformation program to re-design our processes and replace our IT applications.”

Gaston Bohnenberger
Director, POST

3 MEUR annual OPEX savings in IP VPN service delivery costs


The flows in action

Operational efficiency and automation through high workflow automation. With interfaces to external systems, such as BSS Salesforce, CloudSense.


  • Discover and upload new and changed network assets for fulfillment
  • Manage data discrepancies to keep the inventory accurate
  • Establish an overlay inventory by federating legacy inventories where relevant


  • Design and modify services rapidly reusing existing service components
  • Bundle cloud and OTT services together with traditional telco services
  • Expose services to sales channels or customer self-service portals


  • Design and price tailored consumer & enterprise services on the spot
  • Eliminate order fallouts by verifying service and resource availability before ordering
  • Harmonize the OSS to adapt to ever-changing front-end apps


  • Harmonize the delivery of simple and complex orders received from multiple sales channels
  • Frictionless order delivery and activation with efficient fallout management
  • Accurate visibility and control across the entire delivery process and timelines


  • Identify the problem details and trace potential causes to support assurance processes
  • Proactively inform relevant customers in case resource fails
  • Understand the severity of a network issue once it occurs

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Key features
Use cases
Key features
  • Comprehensive, modular fulfillment suite
  • Catalog-driven Fulfillment
  • Logical inventory with federation
  • Vendor and technology agnostic fulfillment solution
  • Best practise reusability
  • Service Order Management
  • Mobile Provisioning and Activation
  • Network Abstraction
  • Order-to-Activate

Use cases

Use case examples:

  • Converged Service Order Management for Mobile, Broadband and Cable
  • Federation of Multi-vendor and Multi-technology Networks
  • Service Delivery Consolidation Across Multi-national Operations
  • Catalog Driven Fulfillment for B2B and B2C Services
  • Traditional Service Enrichment with Cloud Services
  • Mobile Service Delivery
  • Automation of Broadband Wholesale
  • Enterprise Sales Transformation


  • Enables rational inventory migration
  • Process driven requests from FlowOne Fulfillment™ to existing inventories
  • Model for e.g. Chorus and Telenor


  • Accurate, highly automated B2B sales and order processes enabling online sales
  • Pre-order validation and resource reservations
  • Pre-integration between the Salesforce ecosystem, including CloudSense CPQ and Comptel
  • Deployed at Elisa

95 MUSD savings in operational efficiency

FlowOne Fulfillment at Mobily for mobile services

3x more effective network utilization

FlowOne Fulfillment at Mobily for mobile services

Service activation from 2-3 days to 5 minutes

FlowOne Fulfillment at Mobily for mobile services

Order processing from 10-15 mins to 10 seconds

FlowOne Fulfillment at Mobily for mobile services

Problem investigation time from 2 hours to 15 minutes

FlowOne Fulfillment at Mobily for mobile services

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