Data Refinery™

Turn your data into business value.

Data Refinery™ is a suite of software products that captures and refines data in real-time into use for the destination engine. It integrates to all digital data sources and consolidates multiple domains and systems into a single point of control. Data Refinery™ handles massive data loads, manages complex event processing and hides the technical complexity between the northbound and southbound elements.

  • UNIFY siloed data and REFINE it in real-time

  • 100% RELIABLE: You never lose a bit

  • ECONOMICAL & SCALES to your business needs

Transforms your business into data-driven. Significantly reduces Total Cost of Ownership by consolidating systems. Vendor & technology agnostic with massive processing capacity: more than 20% of the world’s mobile usage data processed – every day. Operational excellence through the roof.

Company Profile by Analysys Mason

Analysys Mason recognises Comptel as one of world's leading data processing vendors

Key benefits

How Data Refinery™ Processes Data?


Captures the fast data in real time from the data streams. Straight from the source when the data is newborn.


Refines the fast raw data of any format and from any source. Online, offline and hybrid data processing – all supported.


Combines data from multiple sources for the destination or fast availability for regularly used tasks.


Sends the refined data reliably for further processing within milliseconds. Always in the right format for the destination engine.


All the stages of the process automated for maximum effectiveness and accuracy.


Get a 360 degree view on your data 24/7. Data visualization in an understandable format – understand within seconds.

Total Cost of Ownership savings up to 80%

Measured on Comptel customer cases where replaced legacy systems

4x time-to-market

Measured on Comptel customer cases where replaced legacy systems

We serve 150 Customers globally

With Data Refinery

We serve 30 customers with >1 Bn xDRs daily

With Data Refinery

We handle 20% of the world’s mobile usage data

With Data Refinery

We collect and process 500tb of data every day in single CSP environment

With Data Refinery

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Key features
Use cases
Key features
  • 1000+ intefaces
  • Online/real-time + offline data processing
  • Convergent mediation
  • Enterprise data processing
  • Roaming management with GSMA standards
  • Wholesale billing and partner settlements with Capana
  • Support for cloud business models
  • Support for virtual networks
  • Automated mass correction of suspended data
  • Ready made development and testing environment for building new streams and nodes


Use cases

Total Cost of Ownership Efficient Consolidation
Consolidation of point mediation systems into one single platform

Multi-CSP Data Center
CSP group-wide mediation consolidation across different countries

Roaming Management
Roaming billing (TAP/RAP) and Fraud (NRTRDE) processing with RAEX and partner agreement management support

Complex Event Processing
Real-Time Data ingestion, analysis, correlation, time-windowing, triggers, enrichment

IoT Mediation
Solution expands to other industries, such as smart grid electricity network solutions

LTE/IMS Mediation

Over-The Top
Mobile Marketplace purchase event processing and charging from prepaid/postpaid accounts

Diameter/Online Charging Proxy
Mediation processes charging requests/transactions online

Cloud Mediation
Mediation delivered as Software-as-as-Service in the cloud, Virtualization

Cloud Charging
Charging of cloud service (IaaS/SaaS) events

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