We at Comptel are on a mission to perfect digital moments. Join us on our two journeys towards #Nexterday.

How to Perfect Digital Moments? - The Two Journeys

Are you sick of hearing about “transformation?” Good, you should be. Every single Communications Service Provider (CSP) across the globe has heard that they need to transform to meet the changing needs and expectations of their digitally savvy customers. Hey, we’re guilty as charged as well. We’ve even written books, organized events and published the online magazine about it. Fortunately, it appears that plenty of CSPs got the message and have taken action to ditch the ‘C’ and replace it with ‘D’. They are becoming Digital Service Providers (DSP).

Customers aren’t waiting. They are adopting and consuming increasing amounts of digital content, appliciations and services right now! We need to stop overthinking the change that’s needed and start doing it. At the core of #Nexterday´s digital business lies two essential and business defining journeys: the digital customer journey and the digital service journey.

The Digital Customer Journey

This journey is all about getting personal with the customer and putting focus on interactions at the peak moment of interest. For some, the idea of segment of one is something special or futuristic but many realise it’s now assumed and expected. We at Comptel are committed to going beyond what is assumed.

We provide digital service providers with the artificial intelligence applications needed to take the customer engagement beyond the ordinary to find, create and monetize diverse digital services in an agile way, and to deliver context-aware on-device buying experiences.

Every service provider CEO and executive needs to commit to saying no to bad customer engagement.

The Digital Service Journey

The evolution of service orchestration (OSS) has come to an inflection point. Enter software-defined networks and end-to-end hybrid service delivery models that allow aspiring DSPs to achieve new levels of innovation, flexibility and agility. There are two obvious advantages of software driven and virtualized technologies: competing better with internet-scale players like OTTs, while also improving operational service delivery excellence.

No one knows what the future business landscape will look like. So the only logical way forward is laying the groundwork to remain flexible and agile. The days are numbered for the “franken-systems” and rigid technology architectures. We at Comptel believe in network-vendor neutrality and in a technology agnostic approach. Wherever your Nexterday’s business strategy (customers, business models, services and technologies) is taking you, we can be there for you.

We provide two phases for your service orchestration evolution. The ‘Think Again’ of modernization of OSS to comprehensive ground-to-cloud Catalog-driven Fulfillment and the ‘Think ahead’ phase, that brings closed loop end-to-end service orchestration for virtual, traditional and hybrid services.

Every CEO and executive needs to commit to saying no to a monolithic future.