Comptel Corporation Q4 2016 Analyst Newsletter

Nexterday North 2016 is a Wrap!

Comptel hosted its second annual Nexterday North “anti-seminar” in Helsinki, Finland, which brought together more than 600 innovative leaders, disruptors, and digital go-getters from around the world to chart a new path forward for the communications and digital service industry. With a diverse roster of speakers, including executives from Uber, Zappos Insights, Salesforce, VentureBeat and The Economist, as well as futurists Dietmar Dahmen, Mike Walsh and best-selling author David Meerman Scott, the event touched on everything from business strategy and management to customer engagement, marketing, sales and new digital service and technology phenomena.

A survey of Nexterday North attendees, demonstrated positive feedback, including:

  • 83% feel better equipped to execute change in their business, having attended the event
  • 93% would recommend Nexterday North to colleagues, and 96% are interested in joining again next year
  • The best takeaways were the keynotes (31%); the overall atmosphere (20%), and the meetings held on-site (13%)

Catch up on the highlights from Day 1 and Day 2 in our recap posts 

Fastermind Provides Artificial Intelligence Applications for Digital Telcos 

Comptel launched its new Fastermind suite to bring artificial intelligence applications to digital telcos. It recommends, predicts and automates real-time decisions for best next actions, enabling customer engagement automation. Within the suite, Fastermind Real-Time Decisioning increases revenue with automated upsell and cross-sell offers, marketing promotions, notifications and nurturing actions by targeting the right customers at the right time. Its intuitive user experience allows business users to easily configure new actions and spin up offers quickly. The end user experiences a personalised and contextual customer journey, where relevant service offers or alerts are received at the peak moment of customer value.

Learn more about the capabilities of the new Fastermind suite here

One of the Largest European Tier One Operators Selects Comptel’s FlowOne V 

One of the largest European tier one operators has selected Comptel’s FlowOneV solution to perform end-to-end orchestration for their virtualised infrastructure across all their operating companies.

Learn more about the deal here 

Comptel Achieves ISO Certification for Commitment to Quality 

Comptel has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification for meeting the necessary quality standards in software product development, sales, delivery, customer support, other customer services and related internal business support.

Learn more about Comptel’s certification here.

Comptel Collaborates with Apttus to Empower CSPs to Enable Personalised Customer Journeys 

Comptel and Apttus built a comprehensive turnkey solution on the Salesforce Communication Industry Framework, to enable personalised customer journeys and provide an analytics-driven, contextually-aware, self-service experience to their customers. With the solution, service providers have an opportunity to not only create upsell offerings, but to intelligently identify when to make a recommendation and with which product. They can also simplify the engagement and buying process with closed-loop automation, allowing for consistent improvement, alignment and customer retention.

Learn about Comptel’s collaboration with Apttus here, and more about the customer engagement architecture they’ve developed here. 

Comptel Unveils New Operational Paradigm for Managing NFV Service Orchestration

Comptel has added four new operational user interfaces (UIs) to its FlowOne V solution. The new UIs are tailored for specific user groups within service providers, including network service designers, service delivery teams, customer service professionals and system administrators. They have been designed to increase productivity, empower the critical service orchestration processes behind frictionless delivery of end-to-end virtualised services, and accelerate time-to-market. 

Learn more about the new UIs and how they boost productivity and streamline service orchestration here 

Comptel’s Digital Service Lifecycle Management Model Earns Industry Recognition 

Telecom Asia Readers’ Choice & Innovation Awards honoured Comptel’s digital service lifecycle management (DSLM) as the OSS Innovation of the Year. It was recognised for its ability to provide communications service providers (CSPs) with a digital service strategy that both exploits new business opportunities and helps CSPs survive in today’s competitive environment. 

Learn more about Comptel’s win here 

Comptel Moves from Small Cap to Mid Cap on Nasdaq Helsinki 

See Comptel’s market cap change announced by Nasdaq here 



Research Report: The Power of Personal 

Comptel will launch a recent survey of 2,000 mobile data users in the US and UK which found that, despite the fact that personalisation and tailored messages are still in their infant stages, mobile customers are receptive to many permutations of these concepts, and the reasons for operators to pursue personalisation are clear.

Nexterday: Vol. III 

At Mobile World Congress 2017, Comptel will launch its third book – Nexterday: Vol. III – exploring the personalised customer journey. Featuring contributions from business leaders in and outside of the digital and communications service industry, plus analysts and academics, it will highlight strategies to customer and infrastructure transformation, in today’s era of digitalisation and the customer segment-of-one.  

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