Comptel’s “My Digital Moments” Simplifies Real-Time Customer Engagement for Digital Telcos

HELSINKI, Finland — February 14, 2017 — Comptel Corporation (OMX Helsinki: CTL1V) today revealed its new “My Digital Moments” blueprint to enable personalised digital customer journeys in service providers’ quest to improve the customer experience. It includes a self-service mobile application that provides insight, engagement and control over how customers consume digital services and gives operators a direct line to offer customised and relevant digital offerings.

Customers are demanding more from their operators in terms of visibility, control and personalisation of mobile offers increasing the pressure on telcos to differentiate themselves on customer service. My Digital Moments is supported by Comptel’s suites of software products. Real-time usage monitoring and intelligence from Comptel’s FASTERMIND™ suite supports timely contextual offer recommendations, enabling fast and easy customer engagement logic creation. The company’s MONETIZER™ suite puts full control in the hands of operators with its agile and simple monetisation of diverse data plans, provided by a common user interface.

“With a new generation of mobile-first customers who demand personalisation, control and instant gratification, it is no surprise that the customer experience has become the new battleground for telcos,” said Niilo Fredrikson, EVP Intelligent Data at Comptel. “Operators can create value by delivering the tools and visibility customers need to build their own personal digital ecosystem. By enhancing the analysis with our partner’s Vedicis network data intelligence, and a direct line to the customers, telcos are fully equipped to determine the best way to target and address customers’ needs in the right context, at the right time.”

With support from network data intelligence provider Vedicis, My Digital Moments presents several value-driving possibilities for operators looking to transform their customer engagement. Vedicis’ platform provides visibility into customer usage by analysing in-depth IP traffic and generating useful data in real-time to feed partner solutions like My Digital Moments.

“As the cost of transporting IP traffic exceeds the revenue figures for broadband business, telcos have to regain control of their IP networks with constant, custom analysis and new data services,” said Théodore Martin Martin CEO, Vedicis. “We are pleased to be working with Comptel to help design a future-proof solution that addresses the most sophisticated telco requirements for accurate traffic details and controls per customer to drive toward NFV, cloud and cost-effectiveness.”




About Comptel Corporation

Life is digital moments. Comptel perfects these by transforming how you serve, meet and respond to the needs of “Generation Cloud” customers.
Our solutions allow you to innovate rich communications services instantly, master the orchestration of service and order flows, capture data-in-motion and refine your decision-making. We apply intelligence to reduce friction in your business.
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About Vedicis

Vedicis provides Digital Experience Visibility and Data Traffic Optimization solutions to mobile and fixed-line operators to manage and monetize their subscribers Internet usage. We empower our customers to get 360° view on subscriber data experience and launch new data plans based on application usage, location and time awareness.
Our software platforms deliver visibility on usage to feed analytics and event based solutions (CEM, Location Based Services, NPM, Revenue Assurance) along with control and monetization with policy control/charging enforcement (PCEF, TDF).
Vedicis software platforms pave the way to SDN and NFV with rapid ROI, scalability, flexibility and fast integration in telecom ecosystems. Vedicis is headquartered in Paris, France.
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