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Solutions for Perfecting Digital Moments

Our purpose-built software brings artificial intelligence, intuitive product user interface, data-driven decision-making and business processes automation  into your digital front office and end-to-end service orchestration layer.

Comptel has three main software focus areas: Service Orchestration, Intelligent Data and the forward leaning NXT group. The Service Orchestration portfolio provides catalog-driven fulfillment with vendor and technology agnostic orchestration of services across physical, virtual and hybrid deployments, such as mobile, SDN, NFV, FTTx, xDSL, cable, and cloud. Intelligent Data consists of intelligent data fabric, artificial intelligence apps and agile service monetization. The NXT™ portfolio has two commercial offers: FWD™- a context-aware on-device commerce platform, as a service – and IoTED!™ – a scalable pattern/anomaly detection and action triggering technology that can be applied to various IoT use cases, such as care services, smart cities and insurance.

With our software and expertise, we want to take our customers on two exciting digital journeys towards #Nexterday.

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Who We Are

Every time you order a service from your service provider, we are there to ensure you will get it right the first time. Every time you use that service, its usefulness is increasingly dependent on the data it carries and generates. We are there to ensure that the data flows without hiccups.

We capture your digital moments and refine them to give you the best possible service experience. We turn data into business value for the service provider. This all might sound simple but there’s a lot more going on in the background than you perhaps know. Data sources need to be connected, data formats converted and various systems need to communicate with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and without delays.

That is why we’re here. We work together with service providers and our partners so that you can stay connected, live those digital moments and get your digital services instantly – on your terms and when you want them.


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Competitive Landscape Research by Gartner. Digital Multichannel It Solutions For CSPs Worldwide 2016

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